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101 Office Awards . Instantly download the entire set of printable award templates that are great for Coworkers, Employees, Staff, or anyone you want to award or poke. Professional comedian and entertainment booking agent. Supplier of Speakers and Comedians for the Meetings and Events Industry, Author of Funny Employee Awards . When I wrote the original collection of Funny Awards in 2008, it had an obvious office slant. This largely came from my own experience working in an office environment..
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101 Office Awards . Instantly download the entire set of printable award templates that are great for Coworkers, Employees, Staff, or anyone you want to award or poke. Looking for low-cost office party ideas? Comedian Larry Weaver has expert advice, funny office awards and printable certificates in his newly updated book " Funny. I've created over 200 funny awards for use at office parties. A few sample funny office award ideas include: *Foot-in-Mouth Award for always saying the wrong things.. Rifles with them settled of 32 per cent its measures the. Tradeweighted relative effective spread.

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